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Building repeat business through expert farm equipment system design and installation
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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Drew Taylor

It takes a substantial amount of equipment to run any agricultural-related business. In Willmar, Minnesota, Lange Ag Systems is a farm equipment and systems expert. The family-owned and -operated agricultural company ensures its customers in the dairy and swine industries not only get the best equipment for the job, but also the service and support needed to see any project all the way through.

Service, support and a price to count on

“Through our own consulting team and a network of installation subcontractors and builders, we design, sell, install and service any equipment system within the four walls of an agricultural facility,” says Lyle Lange, co-owner and founder of Lange Ag. “We do new facilities and we retrofit, upgrade and remodel existing equipment. We work directly with producers to design systems that work for individual operations – small and large. We work very closely with builders to make sure everything all meshes together.”

Another advantage Lyle says Lange Ag offers is the necessary service and support long after the installation is complete. “The biggest thing we do that a lot of our customers don’t realize until they actually do business with us is how detail-oriented our team is,” he explains. “We sit down with customers to lay out the design plan and bid all individual items. Then we follow each piece of equipment through design, installation and support. If they need help learning to operate a system or setting up controls we’re there. We don’t do hand offs like a lot of other people do.”

Lange Ag also guarantees pricing. “Whatever the price we’re quoting in the first place is going to be the price when the project is complete,” says Lyle. “There’s no surprise 10 to 15 percent over run when you’re working with us. It all comes back to integrity.”

Family ties

Born and raised on his family’s farm just 65 miles south of Willmar in Lamberton, Minnesota, Lyle started Lange Ag in 1980, drawing on his extensive farming background. While the business has grown and adapted alongside the increasingly consolidated industry, Lange Ag remains family owned. Today, Lyle runs and owns the business with his wife, Bonnie, and his three children, Shannon, Ryan and Kim.

“My wife, Bonnie Lange, has been in the business with me since the beginning,” says Lyle. “My oldest daughter, Shannon, has been with us for 22 years and her husband, Troy is also involved. My youngest daughter’s husband, Scott, is involved in the sales and consulting side and he works with operators and integrators. My son, Ryan, is our operations manager and his wife, Amy, also works with us.”

Over the course of the last 35 years Lyle says the industry and Lange Ag’s customers have changed quite a bit. “We started in selling swine equipment – everything from ventilation to feed and water equipment and then we added dairy and calf farms,” recounts Lyle. “It was a natural transition with the same product and knowledge, but a different application.”

Lange Ag now offers bagging systems and this sector continues to grow. “We do a lot of small grain, corn and soybeans for grain elevators, businesses and other farm industry people,” says Lyle.

The type of customer and the size of the customer have changed for Lange Ag. “With so much industry consolidation we’re now serving a handful of the top 20 swine integrators in the U.S. and smaller family farms are putting up contract barns for larger corporations,” he says. “We still serve smaller producers as well.”

Lange Ag’s footprint has grown to cover nearly 17 states; the bulk of business being in Minnesota and surrounding Midwestern states. Lyle says Lange Ag is always looking for creative ways to get its equipment into new markets. “One area that’s really taking off is our conveyor equipment,” he notes. “We’ve sold this machinery to customers in the microbrewery industry all over, from Alaska to Florida.”

A strong network of subcontractors

Lange Ag offers a number of system solutions for swine integrators – feeding equipment, ventilation systems, curtain systems, flooring and more. The company also has system solutions for customers in the dairy and calf industry, offering calf stalls, water fountains, curtain systems, free stalls, mattresses and other necessary equipment.

By acting as a project manager and carrying the system through the design and planning phase, Lange Ag relies heavily on a trusted network of subcontractors to bring the rest of a project to completion. “We have our own installation crew, but we also have very good relationships with other installers that work for us and we work with many different builders,” says Lyle. “These relationships are extremely important to us.”

At the end of the day, a trusted subcontractor can make the difference on whether a project is completed on time and on budget, something Lange Ag truly prides itself in. The company’s reputation for fast, timely and no hidden price tricks has garnered many repeat customers. “Today, about 90 percent of the business we do is repeat or referral based,” says Lyle. “The most rewarding thing for me is working with these repeat customers and seeing their second and third generations being successful.”

Lange Ag Systems is building on multiple generations itself as the company carries on 35 years of trusted farm equipment design, service and support.

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