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Livestock production and management in Iowa, Nebraska and Georgia
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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Elizabeth Towne

GSC Agribusiness was established in 2010 as the livestock production and management subsidiary of GSC Financial, based in Atlanta. In August 2012, GSC Financial entered into an agreement to operate and manage the Feed and Livestock assets of Juergens Produce and Feed Co., as a way to more vertically integrate their business model.   The former Juergens Produce and Feed Co. is now a cog in a larger machine. The company is now operating as GSC Juergens Feed.  The company remains family-operated which continues a 65-year long tradition.

Aaron Juergens, director of Iowa operations for GSC Agribusiness, has been involved with the business his entire life. His grandfather, Vernis Juergens, established Juergens Produce and Feed Company in 1948 and the operation has been passed down through the generations to Aaron’s father Ron and now into his capable hands. Aaron works with a team of 100 people at GSC Agribusiness, in Carroll, Iowa.

Diverse services

GSC Agribusiness is an innovative industry leader in cattle and hog production in Iowa, Nebraska and Georgia. Subsidiary GSC Juergens Feed manufactures and delivers 100,000 tons of feed and it sources and hauls all of the ingredients. GSC Juergens Feed also manages the logistics of 10 trucks, coordinating between livestock and ingredient hauling to maximize profit potential.  Coordinating livestock logistics is very important as the trucking division moves animals within all stages of production and to market.

On the livestock management end of the business, GSC Agribusiness operates a cow calf herd in Southern Georgia. The cattle are backgrounded on pasture and then transported to Nebraska to be finished out in custom feed yards.  GSC Agribusiness owns and manages 8500 sows farrow to finish in Iowa, partnering with 35 independent contract production partners. The hogs are all finished in state of the art finishing facilities.

The livestock management team utilizes a regimented herd health protocol that minimizes death loss and optimizes growth potential. Managing feed and forage, animal costs and markets, GSC Agribusiness is able to effectively use the future and options markets to hedge input costs and maximize profit potential GSC Agribusiness markets a majority of the livestock production to Cargill Meat Solutions in Nebraska and Iowa and Triumph Foods located in Missouri.

Maintaining relationships

GSC Agribusiness thrives on efficiency. In the fast-paced economy of agriculture, Aaron and his team are very cost conscience. The company strives to have top notch production to keep costs low

The company is constantly staying up to date with technology and maintaining its facilities for peak performance. As a player in the livestock industry, herd health is a major concern for GSC Agribusiness. Having a healthy herd is what it takes to be competitive in the livestock industry.

“We work with local vets daily to ensure the health of our animals,” he explains. “The condition of our facilities is a constant concern and we are always striving to keep them in top condition. With our swine operations for example, we maintain air filtration systems on the sow production facilities to prevent viruses on the farm. Viruses can have a devastating effect on a herd.”

GSC Agribusiness works with Purina Animal Nutrition to formulate the different rations to feed the livestock. The feed mill in Carroll, Iowa, has been a Purina dealer since 1951 and has worked with Purina ever since then to provide the best nutritional program for its livestock.

Putting people first

With a strong herd and well-honed practices, GSC Agribusiness has seen steady growth over the last few years. The company still faces challenges, such as volatility in the commodities market and changing regulations. Costs for producers seem consistently on the rise, making proper management and dedicated service more important than ever.

More than an agricultural business partner, GSC Agribusiness is also a fixture in the community. Aaron and his family are well-known locally in agriculture and he serves on multiple non for profit and industry boards within the community. With a large staff, community involvement takes on greater importance. The business employs dozens of local people, many of which have been with the company for decades.

“We have a great team here of understanding people,” Aaron adds. “We do not have a huge staff, but we do have the expertise and dedication to be a top notch producer in the livestock industry. We are still small enough to have some flexibility and this helps attract the best livestock production partners in the industry. There are many moving parts to raising livestock, but having a prolific herd is the only way to be profitable. Every day we work hard to ensure that our animals are being taken care of in the best ways possible so they are able to perform and remain healthy.”

With a deep understanding of livestock production and management, GSC Agribusiness is committed to producing high quality livestock through superior nutrition and innovative management

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