Grupo Triple H

Freshness and quality in one company
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Drew Taylor

The food industry is in style, and it has become big global business because of population growth. Research shows that the fruit and vegetable industry is stimulated by growing consumer demand for fresh, healthy products that require little cooking time. A new study by the research firm Markets-and-Markets reports that the fruit and vegetable processing markets will have a value of $240 million in 2019. According to data from the nutrition industry, South America is the fourth biggest producer of highly produced fruits and vegetables. Researchers estimate that South American production represents 9 percent of the global total.

Strategy and quality in the fresh food market

In this sense, industry heads from Latin America and the rest of the world are faced with a sea of opportunity, but at the same time, a more competitive market than ever. Innovation and the execution of certified strategies have become key in a company successfully establishing itself in the market. Grupo Triple H is an exemplar of leadership and competitive advantage. The business has committed years of work to be able to position itself in the market as a distributor of fresh food that offers quality, flavor and freshness all year round.

Triple H was founded 30 years ago by Heriberto Vlaminck-Seidel, an Argentine immigrant who lived in the fertile coastal plains of northeast Mexico. His vision was clear from the beginning: “to offer the best fresh products from the Mexican countryside to different markets around the world.”

Since then, Mexican industry has seen a clear need to strengthen the commercial capacity of food production. Nevertheless, the concept of an international business seemed far away at the time. It was an industry that was fragmented – with hundreds of producers in different regions of the country, with low quality and consistency, which went hand-in-hand with limited commercial and production capabilities.

Triple H committed years of work to acquire a deep knowledge of the market’s dynamics, including clients and consumers, with the goal of responding to their needs with a higher quality product for longer periods. Little by little, Triple H met with a network of associated producers in Mexico, creating a production that grew enormously in quality and volume.

Today, Triple H lends its services to more than 100 clients in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and contributes more than 50 associated producers across Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The company’s products are recognized for their quality and nutrition by business clients and consumers where the business operates.

Determination + Discipline + Innovation = Competitiveness

Triple H’s mission is to “create value for its business partners 365 days a year.” Their values support this:

  • Trust and discipline: “We do what we promise.”
  • Commitment: “It’s our client, it’s our product, it’s personal.”
  • Nothing stops us: “There are no excuses.”
  • Happiness and teamwork: “We form relationships with our colleagues and prioritize their happiness.”

From the base of its fresh food business, it should be noted that Triple H now offers cold storage installation, led by the SmartCold Storage business, which offers exporters, food distributors and vendors the opportunity to store their products under the strictest standards of quality and safety. The company complies with the strictest standards imposed by the U.S. government (FDA and USDA) and has the support of certifier Primus Labs GFS.

Triple H recently inaugurated one of its warehouses in McAllen, Texas, as a result of its good business acumen. The warehouse, among other things, is equipped with a system of 80 cameras that allow for constant monitoring of products inside, six multi-temperature rooms that come with more than 700 options, humidity control, and thanks to Airocide technology, nine secure doors and three immobile doors for loading and unloading, along with an office docking space complete with 126 control settings and a repacking area. Together, these features allow Triple H to market products with greater value.

Because the software used by SmartCold uses the “cloud,” information is accessible from any internet-enabled device, adapting itself well to the business’s mobile nature.

Clients and users also appreciate Triple H’s flexibility to adapt to any inventory system and the transparency of information with the ability to generate daily reports with photos and videos of loading and unloading.

Using the best practices in technology, experience and innovation, Grupo Triple H accomplishes its goal of adding value, not just for its business partners, but also for its clients. The business continues to develop its growth strategy with an eye toward the global economy.

Strategic Partnership(s): 
Tecnologia y Servicios de Inocuidad Alimentaria (TECSIA)
Vega Prieto & Associates