Economy Feed Mill

Producing custom-blend feed for southeastern Wisconsin farmers and feed dealers
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Drew Taylor

In Bloomington, Wisconsin, Economy Feed Mill is running on 53 years of family ownership and a mission to run the business with the positivity and honesty that gains respect from neighbors, friends and other area small businesses. With this attitude, the company has built a solid foundation of repeat business. Today more than 95 percent of transactions at Economy Feed Mill are generated from repeat customers or referrals.

Economy Feed Mill focuses on a personalized approach to livestock feed, offered at affordable rates. “We specialize in dairy production, farm and livestock feed, but we also carry equine, poultry and wildlife products,” says Roger Taylor, owner of Economy Feed Mill.

Roger and his brother, Rod Taylor, purchased the family business from their parents, Lyle “Tinker” and Marian Taylor in 1994. “We were born and raised right here in Bloomington and our parents started the feed business in 1962,” recounts Roger. “Then it was a Master Mix feed dealer with a single-axle truck and pickup truck delivering feed to area customers.”

Rapid expansion

Since the second generation assumed ownership, the company has expanded to Glen Haven, Wisconsin, and now operates the area’s largest commercial feed mixing facility in southwest Wisconsin. Today Economy Feed Mill has a full fleet of feed delivery and transportation trucks — leaps and bounds from the single truck that started it all.

“Things really started to ramp up in the late ‘80s,” recounts Roger. “In 1989 we started getting into more commodities, such as soybean meal and mixing our own feed. We did this for quite a while and in 2005, I purchased the Glen Haven plant and that is when things really took off. The facility we had in Bloomington was maybe one-tenth of the size of Glen Haven.”

In 2007, the company officially shut down the Bloomington feed mill. Three years later, Economy Feed Mill turned the old site into a new retail store.

“Now Bloomington offers retail products and we do all of our feed manufacturing in Glen Haven,” says Roger.

As Economy Feed Mill expanded significantly, Roger eventually acquired all shares in the company. “I purchased sole ownership of the business in 2013,” says Roger.

Custom capabilities

Under his leadership — and with the help of a dedicated team of 20 employees — Economy Feed Mill continues to push forward, looking for ways to better serve area farmers. “We offer an advantage in custom-blended feed products, mainly calf feeds,” says Roger. “We have three different feed production lines: one is for texturized calf feed and equine, the other is for dairy and hog and the third is just for minerals. All of these facilities have the capability to make feeds in bag, totes or bulk to best serve the customer.”

“Our texturized facility is what really sets us apart,” says Roger. “This is our niche. We have our own cleaner to clean raw materials — a lot of places don’t have this capability. Also, few feed mills offer a mixture of texturized feeds. This is our main line, which makes up to 40 tons a day in just custom bagging for our customers.”

“Our dairy building is also rapidly growing,” adds Roger. “We mix 200 tons of custom feed on an average day. Our mineral shed specializes in many customized mixes to meet the daily mineral nutritional requirements of our customers’ animals.”

Economy Feed Mill has an extensive customer base, including large-scale producers and other feed dealers. “We ship and supply a network of about 16 dealers, from Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa,” says Roger.

A sharp focus on quality control

Doing so much in-house can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping a close eye on quality — something Economy Feed Mill refuses to sacrifice in order to do more volume. With the increased rules and regulations of the Food Safety Modernization Act, Roger admits it’s been a lot to juggle. “We are one of the few independent feed mills in Wisconsin who have been certified as Safe Feed Safe Food, but with more rules coming down, I can’t manage it all,” he says. “To make sure we meet compliance, I hired a quality control director. This is something that I think puts us at the forefront of our industry.”

With a proactive approach to feed safety and quality control, custom capabilities and the right team in place, Economy Feed Mill is building on 53 years on family business and close connections in Wisconsin.

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