ATP Nutrition

A science-based plant nutrient company serving the Western Hemisphere
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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Elizabeth Towne

Jarrett Chambers established ATP Nutrition in 2010 with the goal of providing science-driven innovations in plant nutrition. After spending nearly a decade running the largest nutrient company in Canada, he was ready for a new project. Where his previous business had focused on produce, turf and golf courses, ATP Nutrition is geared toward food growers in the United States and Canada.

Chambers has a strong background as both a businessman and a scientist. Before establishing his groundbreaking turf nutrient company in 2002, he worked in research, conducting studies with nitrogen used to improve plant productivity. This work began while Chambers was working as a student intern for Dow Agribusiness. He also completed a graduate study through a grant from University of Manitoba.

“Through my graduate level work and my projects through my previous company, I realized that you have to harness all the other nutrients in order to maximize nitrogen’s productivity,” Chambers explains. While mastering the science behind plant nutrition, he also gained vital skills in marketing and commercializing products, a factor that has served him well as an entrepreneur. Many of Chambers’ first customers for ATP Nutrition were former contacts from the turf and produce business. These clients have followed his knowledge and reputation for the last five years as ATP Nutrition develops and markets innovative formulas for improving plant growth and production.

A growing target market

ATP Nutrition distributes a range of products and management systems to a range of customers throughout North America. The company’s largest markets are Canada and the United States, with distribution to agriculture and horticulture wholesalers, dealers, retailers and producers. “Our job is to educate and train the growers and retail people,” Chambers notes. “We have set ourselves apart in this market through advanced plant nutrition innovation and our ability to listen to the needs of our customers.”

The company is based just outside of Winnepeg in Oak Bluff, Manitoba. For nutrition products, ATP Nutrition produces and distributes 40 million liters a year. Chambers reports that around 70 percent of business is in Western Canada, 10 percent in Eastern Canada and 20 percent in the United States. “Our management system has been well received in the US and that market will be our focus for future growth,” he elaborates. “A colleague wants to commercialize our products in Brazil. This is incorporated as a four-year plan and the growth project will be his baby.”

Continued innovation

ATP Nutrition garners a growing following through strong research and development, leading to a growing line of high quality plant management and nutrition products. “We have formulated an easy-to-use nutrient management plan,” Chambers explains. “Whether our end users are growing soybeans, corn, or something else we look at what nutrients are essential throughout the plant’s life cycle. We use this information to address nutrient imbalances.”

And ATP is highly accurate in this testing. “We are right about 80 percent of the time,” adds Chambers. “The goal is to preserve yield and genetics of the crop through addressing the imbalances that growers face, not to increase yields of crops.”

All development is performed in-house, although Chambers says research is split evenly between his team and third-party studies. This builds trust with customers by presenting outside evidence of the effectiveness of ATP Nutrition’s products and management systems.

Better food for the future

Chambers remains involved in this component of the business and is currently working on a personal project regarding malnutrition through breeding and developing better agronomic practices through the Bill Gates Harvesting Program. He takes great interest in the preservation and accessibility of food systems and hopes to work towards solutions that offer more food and better nutritional value for people around the world.

Over the coming years, Chambers and his team are looking forward to continued growth and innovation. The business remains focused on science-based solutions to agricultural deficiencies and will continue to cater to growers in the Western Hemisphere. The potential for growth in the United States and the company’s growing presence in Brazil are promising. As the company remains a leader in research for plant nutrition, ATP Nutrition is getting attention from growers in new markets.

In order to promote sustained growth, Chambers has focused his attention internally. He takes great pride in the efforts and abilities of his team and strives to maintain a company culture that fosters innovation. At the end of the day, his goal is to lead an employee-driven company producing consumer-driven products and programs. This drive behind the scenes ensures ATP Nutrition remains on track for growth throughout North and South America.

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