Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds

Providing innovative solutions for animal nutrition and herd health since 1991
Written by: 
Jeanne Dudley
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds (Anipro) is a division of XF Enterprises, a company that has been serving the agricultural feed market since 1960, providing mineral supplements and consulting services for producers throughout the United States.

Over the years, the parent company has grown and diversified, introducing Anipro in 1991 as a dealer-marketed, full-service line of liquid supplements and weatherized minerals for range cattle. Nearly 25 years later, this arm of the business has become a successful entity, working with growers to provide customized nutrition programs for cattle in 36 states.

Wes Klett, CEO and director of Anipro, has worked for the family of companies since 1990, when the idea for this branch first emerged. Today, Klett oversees a team of 15 employees and 200 dealers, all providing leading expertise in the field of animal nutrition.

“We are very interactive in our sales,” Klett explains. “We want to tailor our service and programs to our customers’ needs. We either identify a product within our existing line or work with these producers to develop a new one, which will best suit their needs. We sell multiple formulations of liquid supplements. We have molasses-based block and tub products and weatherized granular minerals. We give the producer options on how to deliver that nutrition.”

A range of programs

Customer service has been the key to Anipro’s success over the years. “We must identify our clients’ needs in order to build relationships,” Klett says. “We regularly develop products for our clients and because our company is small, we can streamline decisions. Our people understand our customers’ needs and quick service is paramount in getting the nutrition to the animals. Because of all that is available to us, including our deep product knowledge and our experience with animal feed and supplementation needs, we can develop a top-notch product on a case-by-case basis.”

In 2013, the company launched Premium Nutrition Network, a supply chain management program that has already worked with 20,000 calves. The program’s goal is to work with producers to improve the long-term health and productivity of cattle, creating a healthier calf for potential buyers.

“This is a value-added cow calf and stocker program,” Klett explains. “The goal is to get healthier calves from the ranch to the next stage of production by helping our customers improve the quality and health of calves. This program starts on the ranch, where we help producers optimize nutrition through comprehensive supplementation and health through proven protocols. We also provide our expertise in marketing alternatives. The result is increased calf value and improved herd health through supplementation strategies.”

The program provides guidance and nutritional products for the beginning stages of the animal’s life, as well as monitoring of the herd through data collection. Enrollment is free, and producers can contact regional Anipro representatives to learn more about the program, as well as the mineral supplement needs and vaccination protocol required to enroll. The Premium Nutrition Network goes a step further, helping ranchers find buyers for calves and improving marketing strategies and reputability.

Raising success

Anipro relies heavily on the success of customers to build relationships. Recent market conditions have changed the way producers do business. After five years of drought, many regions saw a huge reduction in herd size. With supply low and demand high, producers are seeing high prices, which are helping them recoup losses from tougher years.

“The fundamentals of our industry, pricing and economics, are in full play right now,” Klett elaborates. “Cattle are worth so much that a producer cannot afford to make mistakes from a reproductive standpoint. They need to maximize profit by increasing conception rates, calving percentages and weaning weights.”

While the cow and calf business has benefited from this increase in the value of cattle, Anipro has kept integrity intact. While competitors took the opportunity to raise prices on their products, Anipro’s prices have remained virtually the same.

“We are going to maintain the status quo, because we are in it with these producers for the long haul,” Klett details. “When the dust settles, customers will hopefully remember Anipro’s service and fair pricing and are more likely to continue their loyalty to the business.”

At the end of the day, Klett and his team strive to build lasting partnerships with customers. Customized service, quality products and experience continue to drive the business forward. “Tonnage and sales build profit, but alliances grow businesses,” Klett states. “We have spent 25 years forming tremendous alliances with suppliers and manufacturers to form a high quality product line with reliable benefits for our customers.”

In the coming years, Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds will continue to maintain this strong sense of synergy, growing with customers and providing custom-tailored products and services.

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