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Written by: Molly Shaw

Chefs and fine dining professionals across southern California and beyond are talking about Premier Meat Co. (...

Written by: Jeanee Dudley

In 1930, Lonas Swaggerty established Swaggerty’s Farm (Swaggerty’s), a small sausage business in the...

Written by: Molly Shaw

For many Americans, their four-legged friends are more than pets; they are members of the family. Since 1964, dog and cat owners have trusted a family-owned name to deliver the best, fresh,...

Steve Birge spent a few years bartending in Ireland while Mark Curran worked as a carpenter before the duo met on the ski slopes of Vermont. The pair decided to establish a natural food store,...

Premier Features

For almost two decades, Youngevity International Inc. (Youngevity) has sought after powerful ways... Read more
Trackmobile LLC (Trackmobile) was founded in 1947 by ex-Navy fighter pilot Marshall Hartelius under... Read more
Orion Management LLC (Orion) is a valued, cross-functional technical security integrator to the... Read more
With the resurgence of the energy market throughout the U.S. and Canada in response to new shale oil and gas production, the need for oilfield service companies is more prevalent than ever before, and many are diving into the industry. However, Justin Pechacek, vice president and operations manager... Read more
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates Americans consumed more than 28 billion pounds of beef in 2012, making the industry worth well over $80 billion and the competition between producers even more fierce. Such stiff competition has caused a serious rift in the industry. To survive,... Read more
Animal feed plays a leading role in the global food industry. Feed production is one of the largest and most important components to ensure safe, abundant and affordable animal proteins. In an industry that’s worth an estimated $370 billion in the U.S. alone, Indiana-based Hoover Feed Services Inc... Read more
In 1980 Benno and Klazina Dobbe emigrated from Holland to America with their three children, Nicolette, Ben and Stefan. The family was allowed to bring two suitcases each when leaving the old country. The Dobbes settled in Woodland, Wash., calling the spot a perfect location for Holland America... Read more
For more than a century, Hitch Pork Producers Inc. (Hitch Pork) has been family-owned and –operated by the Hitch family in Guymon, Okla. Although Hitch Pork has only been in pork production for the past 20 years, the family’s roots run deep in ranching and cattle farming across the Southwest. “The... Read more
The Hinrichs’ family journey began in processing in the early 1900s. Max Hinrichs Sr. engaged in grass seed processing, then came his son, Max Hinrichs Jr., in 1925; his dream was grass seed to wheat seed, and then came Max’s sons, Bob and Don Hinrichs. From 1956 to 1999 the Hinrichs engaged in the... Read more
Green Circle Growers Inc. (GCG) is the largest floral greenhouse operation in the Midwest United States. Founded in 1968 by John Van Wingerden, the business has grown exponentially for more than 40 years. Scott Geisbrecht, John’s son-in-law and vice president of sales for GCG, now leads the team... Read more
As a second-generation company celebrating its 40-year anniversary, Grecian Delight Foods Inc. (Grecian) showcases the power of a family-operated organization within a niche food industry. At the company’s helm is Peter Parthenis Jr., president and CEO of Grecian, who took over the company from his... Read more
Freshouse Produce (Freshouse) is a family of companies in the Mid-Atlantic offering fresh produce and packaging solutions to customers around the region. The parent company operates from its corporate headquarters in Riverhead, N.Y., with four satellite warehouses and facilities up and down the... Read more
In 1979 Efraín Nuñez founded his first bakery supply business in Puerto Rico. The small company flourished and Nuñez took on a business partner in 1984. Five years later, he sold the rest of his share to start another company. In 1989 Nuñez founded Efraín Nuñez Inc. (ENI), a new venture, on a... Read more
Beverage distributors across the U.S. provide a means of transportation, refrigerated stage and maintenance of perishable goods, from the time a product leaves the brewery or importer until it arrives at your local restaurant, convenience, grocery or liquor store. However, Eagle Rock Distributing... Read more
Dunkerton Cooperative Elevator Inc. (DCE), an Iowa-based grain, feed and fertilizer operation, started out the same as others of its kind; however, unlike other cooperatives, DCE remains an independent operation even after 70 years in business. “DCE originated in 1944 when area farmers joined... Read more
Located in California’s fertile Central Valley region, Dave Wilson Nursery Inc. (DWN) is in the midst of an unprecedented expansion and a 75-year celebration. “We just celebrated our 75-year anniversary,” reveals Dennis Tarry, now CEO of DWN. “We had 800 of our growers come to our headquarters in... Read more
Centered in Michigan’s thumb, a rich, agricultural region with fertile soil, sprawling fields, plentiful rainfall and temperatures moderated by Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay, Cooperative Elevator Co. (CEC) has been a longstanding landmark, supporting regional producers for nearly a century. “... Read more
A little nut is the driving factor in a big equipment business for Bissett Specialty Equipment Inc. (BSE). The Texas-based agricultural equipment dealer and maintenance provider has been supporting the pecan and other specific farming operations ranging from onions to chilies since 1988. Today, BSE... Read more
There are many steps along the way before thousands of individual components arrive at restaurants and retail stores across the country every day. The vast complexity of supply chains can be overwhelming. However, Armada, a Pittsburgh-based supply chain management and efficiencies firm, knows there... Read more
DCI Marketing originated as a small printing company in 1944; however, the company has recently merged with Artform International, a United Kingdom-based retail marketing firm, to form DCI-Artform (DCI). The merger has allowed DCI to now service clients the world-over. According to John Minnec,... Read more
David Ficher began learning to work on golf cars at the age of 15. “I started as a service tech for another company, right out of a trade-school program,” Ficher explains. “I worked for them for 12 years, learned the trade and got all my certifications through school. One day, I realized that I... Read more
Czarnowski is a global exhibit marketing company committed to bringing exhibit and event spaces to life, allowing each client’s brands to shine. The company’s exhibit and event professionals, who range from graphic designers to highly skilled craftsmen, understand the meaning of collaboration and... Read more
“Power to Solve” is B&K’s signature tag line, and that is exactly what the California-based electrical distributor is doing: providing not just a product, but a full, customizable solution. “We do not want our customers to view us solely as a distributor,” says Todd Brown, president and CEO of... Read more
Sometimes all it takes is one great idea to set a series of significant events in motion; and that was the case for Southwest Oilfield Products (SWOP) in 1947. Founded by the Leman family, the Houston-based manufacturer designed and introduced the first bonded fail-safe piston to an industry on the... Read more
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